FREELANCE CLIENT: Photoshoot for a stationary and art company

Apartment on Belmont



Art Direction


Collaborative photoshoot with Creative Director and Artist behind a local stationary company.

Creative Director: Samantha Wagner
Artist/Stylist: Michael Doyle


Planned, produced, photographed and edited a photoshoot for a whimsical stationary company to use on their website, social media and other promotional materials.

splash image scene 2 coffee.jpg

Apartment on Belmont

Apartment on Belmont is a whimsical and heartfelt stationary company specializing in creating art and gifts for the curious.

I worked closely with Samantha Wagner (the brand manager) and Michael Doyle (the artist) to plan, develop, style and art direct this shoot, which was produced to allow fans of the brand to get a glimpse behind the scenes and into the life of the fictional apartment the company was named for. It's a vintage inspired, eclectic, inspiring and welcoming space - much like the brand itself.


About the Project

Warm, bright colors inspired by the palettes of the cards were used to add a whimsical feel to product photos.

A lovingly curated collection of props and art supplies were used to create a story and sense of place.

Multiple lifestyle scenes were built to create the artist character and his living space, which the brand was named for.

These images are used in the Apartment on Belmont catalog, online shop and across social media channels to build anticipation for the website launch and development of future product lines.

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Apartment on Belmont.gif
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