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About the Project:

Coyle's Bakeshop is a Seattle bakery and coffee shop specializing in handmade pastries, cakes, tarts, savories and sweets.

As the bakeshop has grown from a neighborhood pop up to an elegant brick and mortar, Rachael wanted to create an online presence to reflect the sophistication of the shop and provide her customers with all of the information they need.





1. Expand the Coyle's Bakeshop brand from a simple logo to include colors, typography, and a visual voice that are as sophisticated as the shop and its offerings.

2. Build a website that provides information about the goings-on of the shop, from the seasonally changing menu to the classes to the afternoon tea events hosted in the space.

3. Create a collection of custom photographs for the website to showcase the shop and its offerings.



The Coyle's Bakeshop website is modern, clean and showcases big, beautiful images of the shop and its offerings. It's dotted with a few bright pops of color, staying in line with the shop's aesthetic.

The photography is elegant but approachable, with minimal styling and simple colors to allow the focus to remain on the pastries and other delicious offerings.

The information is laid out so that everything is available on the home page, or can be navigated to from the top menu. The site can be easily updated with seasonal menu changes.


The Coyle's Bakeshop aesthetic is modern an tasteful, so we wanted to reflect that in the visual elements of the site.


The website provides all of the information needed while also delighting current and potential customers,