Butter Home


Branding, Photography and Content Creation for a Local Shop

Butter Home



Design, Photography


Ongoing freelance work for a local shop.


Updating and refining the visual brand voice of a tiny brick and mortar home goods shop in Melrose Market.



1. Redefine and refresh the Butter Home brand.

2. Reflect Claire's values and the shop's aesthetic in the visual brand, photography, and marketing materials.

3. Create content for the Butter Home website and social media channels.

About the Project:

Butter Home is a tiny but lovingly-curated shop in Seattle with an emphasis on promoting local makers and high quality hand made products.

Since opening shop, Claire always had a clear vision of the Butter Home mission, but needed help defining the brand, developing a visual identity and finding a way to represent the shop with a digital and social media presence. Our goal was to find a way to tell their unique story, connect with their customers and expand their audience.

Butter Home-7.jpg

The Solution


I wanted to emphasize the high quality of the products Butter Home offers, while still highlighting the welcoming and inclusive personality of the shop and the people who work there.

Clean lines, simple typography and minimally styled photography hint at the high end products, while a bright and rich color scheme brings out the fun and friendly atmosphere of the store.

Like the shop, the brand is curated, simple, and clean - but if you look closely you will find little hidden gems tucked inside that help personalize and endear it to the Butter Home customers.