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Visual + UI Design
Brand Development


10 Week Case Study Project
Seattle School of Visual Concepts: UI Capstone
Instructor: Luis Perez
Client: Tom Douglas Restaurants


Ground up brand expression and website design for the farm connected to the beloved Tom Douglas restaurant chain.

Prosser Farm Home Page

About the Project

Prosser Farm is owned by the Tom Douglas restaurant group and provides fresh vegetables and herbs to the chefs 7 months of the year.

With no website and very little brand presence, it's been hard for Tom Douglas Restaurants to talk about Prosser Farm in a way that resonates. Their goal is to share the story with their existing customers to increase loyalty and to attract a new customer base of younger patrons interested in unique experiences, localism and quality products.



1. Create a brand/brand expression for Prosser Farm that complements the existing style of Tom Douglas Restaurants while still feeling fresh and unique

2. Appeal to both the existing Tom Douglas Restaurants customer base and a new, younger audience

3. Build a site that is informative and compelling on its own, but also directs customers to the restaurants' sites and eventually the restaurants themselves

4. Design a beautiful, aspirational site that keeps customers coming back to visit often

The Farm Landscape.jpg

Planning the Content
& Layout

Because this is not an ecommerce site or a site for a location customers will actually be visiting, and in order to make the site feel rich and compelling, I wanted it to contain a lot of quality content organized in a way that encourages exploration and discovery. My first steps were to build a simple site map to come up with a content structure, and sketch possible layouts and styles for how it would lay out on the page. I wanted to make sure the site felt consistent overall but also had enough variety in the page layouts to make it feel fresh, interesting and content rich.


Site Map:

Layout Sketches:


Visual System
& Design Decisions


The colors for the site were based on the colors of the farm and the area (Prosser, WA), as well as fresh produce and herbs that grow there. Color plays a very important role in the brand expression because it helps emphasize how delicious and fresh the produce, and the dishes made with it and served in the restaurants, is.


There are two contrasting layout styles used for the pages on the website. One is more organic and soft, highlighting the beauty of the farm, the quality and taste of the produce and the sophistication of the brand and the food. The other is much more organized, inspired by menu design and layout, and serves as a way to display large amounts of content and allow space for exploration and discovery. The two styles contrast, but work well together to provide a visual break. The content throughout the site is consistent which helps create a cohesive experience throughout.


The typography for the headlines was inspired by hand lettered signs found in farms across Washington state. The mix of type styles used in the more structured pages keeps a rustic, hand made feel on a digital medium that tends to be more sterile.

Photography & Illustration:

The photography for the site is a mix of farm photos for a sense of place and story, produce photos to keep the product and its quality in the forefront, and prepared dishes to help connect the dots between the farm and the restaurant and get customers excited to plan their next visit.

The illustration style is loose and organic, serving as a visual nice visual and brand element but not intending to be too literal or informational.


Mood Board:


Style Guide:


The Design

The final design in comprised of rustic but refined visual style comprised of hand drawn produce, quirky icons, lettering inspired by Washington farm signs, and mouthwatering photography featuring produce and prepared dishes.

A discovery style about page is both informing and interesting to keep potential customers coming back for more and giving them easy and immediate access to the Tom Douglas restaurants' websites and reservation booking options.


Home Page:


About Page for Desktop:

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Interactive Produce Page:

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Custom Icon Set: