Winter Solstice Celebration


personal project to design a gathering with friends

A Winter Solstice Celebration



Graphic Design, Photography


Personal project


A fun personal project to celebrate winter solstice with a gathering of friends involving designing invitations, menus, decor, food, music and photography.

Winter Solstice Invitations.jpg
Winter Solstice Glimpse copy.jpg

About the Project:

This was a personal project I created to develop a brand for, style and photograph an event to celebrate winter solstice, one of my favorite days of the year. The vibe for the celebration was festive, wintery, bountiful, and hopeful.

Winter Solstice Drinks.jpg
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1. Design an aesthetic and "brand" for the event that would create anticipation and excitement, as well as highlight the hopeful and joyful feeling of solstice.

2. Style and shoot some beautiful photos of the event.

3. Throw a fun, beautiful and delicious party and celebrate with friends.



Delicious food, festive drinks, a cozy playlist, candles, vintage dishes, a handmade cake, and a great group of people all came together for a wonderful night of celebration 🥂❄️

Winter Solstice Full Spread.jpg

A fun mix of typography, lots of cream and gold, and a collection of candles gave these layered invites a spark of anticipation.


The garnish-your-own-cocktail-bar was one of the highlights of the night, so I made this graphic to document all of the topping ideas we tried.

Invitations Ready to Mail.jpg

Little details like a spot-on playlist (ready to share with guests) make all the difference.