coyles bakeshop pastries on marble food photography

Coyle’s Bakeshop

Coyle's Bakeshop is a Seattle bakery and coffee shop specializing in handmade pastries, cakes, tarts, savories and sweets.


As the bakeshop has grown from a neighborhood pop up to an elegant brick and mortar, Rachael wanted to create an online presence to reflect the sophistication of the shop and provide her customers with all of the information they need.

Our goal as we built the site was to expand the Coyle's Bakeshop brand from a simple logo to include colors, typography, and a recognizable visual voice that are as sophisticated as the shop and its offerings.



Brand Expression

Website Design

Art Direction

Photography & Styling

coyles bakeshop pastries in case in cafe with server
coyles bakeshop website design mockup
coyles bakeshop scrolling website design mockup
coyles bakeshop pastries food photography
coyles bakeshop website design mockup
coyles bakeshop portrait of rachael coyle owner in cafe
coyles bakeshop table with pastries in cafe
coyles bakeshop three cakes
coyles bakeshop people eating in cafe
coyles bakeshop latte coffee green chair
coyles bakeshop coffee and lunch menu chalkboards on wall